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Triumph Spitfire 1500 - Suspension and steering

The suspension, both front and rear, need some serious attention. Although the casings for the shock absorbers are seriously rusty the 'bouncing the wing' test was quite good.

The rear leaf spring looks like it has seen much better days but I will know more when I eventually remove it.

The front suspension has had new shocks fitted.

But I have retained the old springs, just cleaned them up and painted them. I intend to replace them, hopefully before I re-assemble the front end, but for now they will have to do. I need to move the car so the springs stay.

All the bushes at the front end have been replaced with standard bushes and the various components have been cleaned and painted black.

The suspension trunions were a little rusty but solid so they were cleaned and given a couple of coats of Hydrate 80 then sprayed black.

I have purchased a replacement nut and bolt set for the front and rear. The front wheel bearings have been replaced along with the top ball joints steering ball joints. The steering and pinion rack has been stripped, examined and found to be ok.

When I bought the replacement parts for the front end I forgot to get new gaitors for the steering rack. Fortunately I'm not far from Canley Classics so I'll get them when I go next time. (Actually got them at The Triumph Show at Stoneleigh along with the rear wheel bearings)

Removed the rear leaf spring and I think I may have to replace it. Although it is not too rusty (which can be treated) the rubber bushes in between the leaves have all perished. At this point I do not know if replacements are available. I'll strip it and clean it up and check for the bushes later. (All parts were available from Canley Classics). Removed the Diff and prop. Cleaned the prop with a twisted knot cup brush in the angle grinder then gave it a couple of coats of Hydrate 80 before spraying it black. Replaced the UJ on the prop.

I've given the Diff unit a good soaking in paraffin and cleaned it down with an assortment of wire brushes. I don't want to remove the cover with it covered in 30 years of grime and grit.

Removed the cover from the Diff unit in order to examine the inside. Everything seems ok, with no play in the bearings or the crown wheel and no signs of any bits of metal in the oil. Used a gauge to test the side play but it was within the tolerances stated in the manual. I'm going to trust it and just replace the gasket and re-assemble then refill with fresh oil. A good coating of Hydrate 80 and sprayed black it should look just fine.

Started to re-build the front end, installing the suspension, steering systems and brakes. I need to get a rolling chassis so that I can remove the body ready for respraying. It's amazing what a boost to your morale it is when you see the car starting to come together again with nice clean parts.

Re-built the rear spring and it seems ok but I'll have to wait and see when it's fitted. Both rear axles have been re-built with new bushes, new slave cylinders, new brake shoes, new bearings, new shocks and new UJ's. All the bolts have been replaced with new ones

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